Parent Volunteer Opportunities


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There are many opportunities to volunteer a little of your time to help out at our music program events.  Below are descriptions of these volunteer opportunities.  You will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer for these events through Sign-Up Genius which will be posted on the websites as we get closer to each event.

Helping Hands

Looking for ways to get involved?  Become a part of our “Helping Hands Team”. Just let us know you are interested in helping and occasionally, throughout the year, there will be situations where we just need a couple extra people to help lighten the load. Contact the Wolf-Tones Communications Coordinator.


We need parents for ushers, taking tickets, and registration.

Music Festivals

We need parents for ushers, taking tickets, registration and monitoring the food booths.

Home Football Games

Help the Marching Band to the field, put out seat covers, guide them to and from the field for half-time show, get them water after they perform, guide them off bleachers after game, clean up bleachers, bring everything back to Instrumental Music Room.

Host a Dinner and Food for Home Football Games

The Marching Band eats together before each home football game.  Dinners are held at the Commons, and we need help with dinners – you can either provide the main course or provide some part of the dinner.  

Marching Band and Color Guard Competitions

The Marching Band travels to competitions and parent chaperones are needed to help students prepare for the competition (includes pinning up hair, checking uniforms), setting up lunch and helping with lunch, and cleaning up.