About Wolf-Tones


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Wolf-Tones (Officially known as the SRVHS Instrumental Music Foundation) is the music booster group for San Ramon Valley High School supporting the long and illustrious history of instrumental music we are so fortunate to have at this school! 


The philosophy of the San Ramon Valley High School Instrumental Music program is to provide a positive environment in which students may develop an understanding for the music they perform, the ensemble they partake in, the instrument they play and themselves as individuals.  Through music, students gain a better under-standing of Aesthetics and use this with the developed discipline of mind and body to produce a quality performance.  In the process of learning music, the students learn responsibility, sensitivity to others, and a sense of accomplishment in the attainment of a specific individual, and more importantly, group goals. The music program would like to provide a program of quality where residents of this entire valley may take pride in the many talents and accomplishments of its members.  A musical environment provides the student with an environment that allows individuality while offering group identification.  Within a student’s formal education, practically no other course of study will offer these goals and opportunities.