Jazz Ensemble


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2023-2024 Jazz Ensemble Parent Liaison  -  Dana Kamenetsky

This is considered an advanced jazz course. The class will include advanced elements of jazz theory, historical and cultural context, and connections to other disciplines. Advanced improvisation skills and techniques will be utilized. 

2023-2024 Jazz Ensemble Syllabus

Course Description:

Prerequisite: Audition/consent of instructor.

Course Objectives (Students will be able to):

Instrumental Music Program Mission Statement:

The San Ramon Valley High School Instrumental Music Program strives to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for all students. We meet the individual needs of each student by maintaining a curriculum that is rigorous, standards-based, diverse, and equitable. Our ensembles make positive contributions to social-emotional health, honor individual identity as assets to the group, as well as maintain an inclusive environment and supportive community.

For the full Syllabus, please see the following link: Jazz Ensemble Syllabus