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Uniform Coordinator Christine Bertolero 
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2019-2020 school year

Welcome Marching Ensemble rookies & veterans!  We are looking forward to an awesome Fall Marching season.

For general Marching Ensemble questions, please see below for FAQs!








Disney Tour 2020 – Final Few Reminders

  • Students will be loading the trailer after ME practice next Wednesday 2/12, so rehearsal might go a little longer that day


  • If you student has an A period – they need to go to their A period class on 2/13, then report to the instrumental music room afterwards.  If they don’t have an A period, they should just report to the instrumental music room on 2/13 no later than 8:45 AM.  All students on tour will be excused from classes from Period 2 for the rest of the day for 2/13 and all day on 2/14.


  • They are allowed a back pack and one small suitcase, plus their instrument.  Please make sure everything is labeled with your student’s name.


  •  Don’t forget- they need to pack their concert-watching clothes in their back pack, they won’t have time to pull out luggage in LA to change into concert clothes before the concert.


Click here for packing list.


  • You have already paid $80 for meals for your student. This will be managed by the parent chaperones and cash will be handed out each day to ensure they save money to eat that day. Whatever they don’t spend for the day, they keep.  The $80 you already paid for meals is broken out below:
    • 2/13- bus ride lunch stop $10 (they will get cash from their chaperon)
    • 2/13 – dinner at Disney Hall $15 (the chaperones will pay this fee for your child- they don’t have to worry about this meal)
    • 2/14- buffet breakfast at the hotel (included in room cost)
    • 2/14- lunch – Subway sandwich (your student already placed their Subway order and this is already paid for)
    • 2/14- dinner at Disney parks $15 (they will get cash from their chaperone)
    • 2/15-buffet breakfast at the hotel (included in room cost)
    • 2/15 lunch at Disney parks $15 (they will get cash from their chaperone)
    • 2/15 dinner at Disney parks $15 (they will get cash from their chaperone)
    • 2/16 buffet breakfast at the hotel (included in room cost)
    • 2/16 bus ride lunch stop $10 (they will get cash from their chaperone)


  • If you think your student will want more snacks or bigger meals, please send them with extra spending money


  • Prescription or over the counter medication cleared with District Forms should be brought to school in original packaging and in a clearly labeled Ziploc bag by 8:45 AM on 2/13 and handed directly to Mrs. Glass    



  • The students and chaperones will be staying at the Embassy Suites located at 1325 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana CA 92705. The phone number to the hotel is 714-241-3800.





November 15 – North Coast Section 2019 Division 1 Playoffs – SRVHS vs MVHS

The Marching Wolves had a great pre-game and half-time performance!  They also provided encouragement, support and a lot of school spirit for our wonderful Football team!   

Congratulations to our SRVHS Marching Wolves – what a fantastic Marching season this has been! 



November 9 – Central California Band Review

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MARCHING WOLVES! The Marching Wolves, led by Drum Major Grace Gilroy, came in FIRST PLACE at the Central California Band Review in Merced!  The Marching Wolves Color Guard, led by Color Guard Captain Wajiha Syed, came in FIRST PLACE for Color Guard, and our Marching Wolves Percussion, led by Percussion Captain Vikram Gopalan came in THIRD PLACE for Percussion!














2019-2020 Highlights

February 2 – CPC’s Football Weekend Pep Band

November 15 – Congrats to our Marching Seniors

November 9 – Central California Band Review



November 2 – Lodi Grape Bowl Competition

November 1 – Senior Night/8th Grade Invitational: SRV vs Monte Vista HS





October 26 – Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) Pep Band
@ Dog Fest 2019 – Jack London Square



October 4 – Homecoming Game: SRV vs Foothill HS

October 3 – Pasta Feed Marching Ensemble

October 3 – Homecoming Parade

SRV vs Dublin High School – September 27



SRV vs Antioch High School – September 13


SRV vs Heritage High School – August 23


2019 Danville 4th of July Parade



























Click here for answers to Marching Ensemble FAQs

Welcome Color Guard and Marching Band students and families to our Marching Program.  Here is some information about the program.

Uniform Order Forms

Color Guard: <new forms coming soon>
Click here to print and submit to Uniform Coordinator

Marching Band: <new forms coming soon>
Click here to print and submit to Uniform Coordinator

Marching Ensemble Camp

Always held the week prior to school and goes from 8:30am – 2:30pm.  This year we realize freshman have orientation on Thursday, August 8th.  Please have your student come to the band room as soon as they have finished orientation.

Marching Ensemble Practices

Marching Band and Color Guard is a one semester class.  During the fall semester, marching band class/practice is held after school on Mondays and Wednesdays until 5:45pm.

Football Game Days

Here’s a typical schedule for game day:

  • 2:55 PM Students report to instrumental music room right after school for practice
  • 3:30 to 5:45 PM Students are driven to a Marching Ensemble member’s home for the pregame dinner and returned back to school.
  • 5:45 PM – Roll call in the instrumental music room
  • 6:00 to 6:30 PM – Band practice. Parent volunteers set up designated marching section in stadium bleachers
  • 6:50 PM – Pregame show
  • 7:00 PM to end of game – Marching Ensemble performs in stands and half time show.
  • End-of-game – Approx. 9:30 PM– Students change out of uniforms and are dismissed around 9:45 pm after a performance debriefing.  Parents must plan to be at school before the dismissal time to pick up their student(s).
  • After each game (over the weekend) students need to clean their gloves, spats (shoe covers) and polish their shoes. Clean and press the pants as needed. The uniform jackets and other accessories are maintained by the uniform parent team.

Click hereto view the ME Game Day Checklist.  Includes details on the days activities and what Parent Chaperones help out with.

Halloween Celebration

Students dress up and perform at elementary schools. More details will be provided once schedules are finalized.

Marching Competitions

We perform in two Marching Band competitions that Marching students are required to attend. These are full day events, with students arriving at school around 6:00am for roll call and boarding buses and returning in the evening (Time determined based on competition schedule).  Bus transportation and lunch is provided.

Is your Marching Student Comp Ready?


    • Students are expected to arrive Saturday morning with comp ready hair at report time.
    • All Wind and Percussion students need to have tight hair off of the jacket collar and neat under their hats.
  • Do you have your hair clips and hair net?


  • Make-up is not allowed.
  • Please make sure your face is make-up free.
  • This includes foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, concealer, mascara, and lipstick.
  • You are more than welcome to bring make up to put on after our Marching has finished.


  • Make sure they are clean and polished

Spats and Gloves:

  • Will come home after Comp and need to be cleaned and returned on Monday.

Please email if you have any questions.

Gloves, Spats, and other important stuff

Click here for instructions for marching ensemble responsibilities!