2019 Japan Tour

Tokyo ~*~ Kyoto

2019 Japan Performance Tour

June 9-18, 2019

Monte Vista High School
San Ramon Valley High School

Combined Symphonic Band, Orchestra & Jazz Ensemble!

Ed Cloyd & Cheryl Yee Glass, Directors

Tour produced by:  World Project Corporation


Tour Information


BY 30-Aug-18 Traveler Deposit US $500
per person
50% refundable
to Oct 15, 2018
BY 1-Nov-18 Progress Payment #1 US $750
per person
50% refundable
to Dec 15, 2018
BY 1-Feb-19 Progress Payment #2 US $1250
per person
50% refundable
to Mar 15, 2019
BY 1-Apr-19 Final Payment Balance in Full 50% refundable
to Apr 15, 2019


Important Dates:

  • APRIL 1, 2019 – Final Payment Due


>> March 31st Update:

Hello Everyone,

In just a couple of short months, we will be traveling to Japan for our Music Tour!  Time is moving very quickly and our music directors together with World Projects have been busy collating all of the documents submitted thus far as well as choosing the repertoire that our musicians will be showcasing during their 3 performances.  As we head into April, we’d like to share with you a few updates.
  • Documentation: Thank you to everyone for providing the required documentation and passport information by the due date!  We are still in need of passport information from a few travelers so please provide 2 color copies of the personal information page of your passport to your music director as soon as possible.
  • Final Invoice: World Projects will be emailing the invoice for the final payment this week (4/1-4/5).  Thank you for your patience as World Projects works to finalize the cost of the tour.
  • Itinerary: Attached is the final itinerary with our host schools and performance schedule and hotels listed.

Please let us know if you have any questions and enjoy your Spring Break!

Mrs. Glass and Carol Ohara


>> January 22nd Update:

Hello Japan Tour Travelers!

In just a few short months we’ll be on our musical adventure to Japan!  In preparation for our trip we have a few updates and a few forms (linked) required by World Projects which you must compete, sign and return.


  • February 1, 2019 – Progress Payment #2 ($1,250 per person) is due to World Projects.
  • Estimated number of Travelers – a few of you have asked as to the number of travelers for this trip. Per World Projects, these numbers should be final by the end of January.  Currently, the number of travelers is within the 104-114 traveler estimation.
  • Final package cost per person – the total package cost and balance will be provided by the April 1, 2019 final payment due date.
  • Travelers/Parent Meeting – We are planning a Travelers/Parent Meeting in early April (after spring break). Stay tuned for the date and time.
  • Passport Information – For travel to Japan, traveler passports must be valid for the entire duration of your planned stay. If your passport will expire before June 18, 2019, you must renew your passport prior to travel.

If you do not have a passport, apply for your passport NOW. 

  • Please click here to Apply for a passport or Renew your passport.



All Required Forms are due to the MUSIC DIRECTOR by FEBRUARY 8, 2019. 

  • An envelope will be available in the SRV Instrumental Music Room where forms can be deposited.  Alternatively, forms can be mailed to the following address.  

Attn: Japan Tour
P.O. Box 1221
Danville, CA 94526

    – This form is MANDATORY FOR EVERY TRAVELER. Each traveler must sign a copy of this form (a parent or guardian signature is required for all travelers under age 18). The form can be filled out on a computer but must be printed and returned with the appropriate signature.
    – This form is MANDATORY FOR EVERY TRAVELER. Each traveler must sign BOTH pages of this form (a parent or guardian signature is required for all travelers under age 18). The form can be filled out on a computer but must be printed and returned with the appropriate signature.
    – This form is MANDATORY FOR EVERY TRAVELER. Also, if you’d like to be a chaperone, please circle “chaperone” under Tour Role.
    – This form outlines the policy for checked, oversized and overweight baggage as well as carry-on items. Student Travelers must complete and return page 2 of this form.  Page 2 provides us with instrument dimensions to help for space planning with the airline.
    – Travelers wishing to deviate from the group’s confirmed schedule must complete this form. World Projects may be able to accommodate a deviated RETURN air schedule for group travelers (for return airfare ONLY – all other arrangements including accommodations must be made by the deviating passengers). The airline has imposed limits and restrictions to deviations. Travelers wishing to deviate must complete this form. Deviations must be approved by the Music Directors prior to submitting this form to World Projects.

    • NOTE:  This form is due by FEBRUARY 8, 2019 only if you have a planned deviation. Deviations will be handled on a first come/first served basis and are not guaranteed.


Additional Reference Information:

    – Summary of travel insurance that is included in the package. Also, World Projects has provided information if you’d like to purchase additional travel insurance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carol Ohara – SRV Tour Liaison, Mrs. Glass and/or Kendra Bolt of World Projects.

Looking forward to meeting you all in April for our Traveler/Parent Tour Meeting!


Mrs. Glass and Carol Ohara


>> September 20th  Update:

Here is an updated itinerary: Japan 2019 Itinerary

Special note:  The departure date has been updated to June 9th.  Meeting @ 10:45pm at SFO for June 10th 1:40am flight.  The return date is the same – June 18th @ 8:00pm


>> September 10th  Update:

We have a Symphonic Band, Orchestra & Jazz Ensemble! Thank you to all who have signed up to travel to Japan!  The sign-up forms received thus far have been submitted to World Projects and the next step is to provide your deposit.  To secure your spot on the tour, please mail your Traveler Deposit ($500 per person) to the following address. All deposits must be received by World Projects by Monday, September 17, 2018.

World Projects
Attn: Molly Wenske
601 First Street, Suite 200
Benicia, CA 94510

Tel: 707.556.5885
e-mail: molly-wenske@world-projects.com

For those paying by credit card, please contact Molly Wenske with your credit information.

Please note that due to airline scheduling and pricing, the date of the tour has changed to departing on June 10 (SFO-NRT via Taipei) and returning on June 18 (Osaka-SFO via Taipei).

Lastly, please check the Wolf-Tones website for Tour updates.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Glass and/or Carol Ohara.

ARIGATŌ (Thank You!)