Volunteer Opportunities

2021-2022 Wolf-Tones Board and Volunteer Positions

(As of 09/01/2021)

Please contact Wolf-Tones Communications at wolftonescomm@gmail.com for more information on any of the positions.  The following positions are still open:

  • Historian/Photographer
  • Marching Uniform Team Members
  • Marching Food Coordinator
  • Online Fundraising Coordinator
  • Invitational Band and Orchestra Festival Coordinators
  • Spirit Gear Coordinator
  • Jazz Liaison
  • Orchestra Liaison

President or Co-Presidents (Board Position)

2021/2022 volunteer: Mikala Rivera

  • Oversee fundraising, communication, events and volunteers
  • Work closely with Director to address needs of Instrumental Music program
  • Create agendas and lead monthly Wolf-Tones meetings
  • Attend/assist with music events as needed including Back to School BBQ, registration, concerts, and fundraisers
  • Write monthly newsletter and other communications to parents, PTSA elink, etc.
  • Work with Treasurer to create budget
  • Approve invoices, sign contracts, and sign checks
  • Attend monthly Booster Council meetings with Principal and other booster group presidents
  • Attend monthly PTSA meetings
  • Recruit board/volunteers for the following year

Vice President (Board Position)

2021/2022 volunteer: Joanne Sung

  • Support, collaborate and attend meetings with Wolf-Tones Board
  • Support President and manage Wolf-Tones meetings in President’s absence
  • Assist with all music events as needed

Secretary (Board Position) 

2021/2022 volunteer: Sarah VanWinkle

  • Record minutes at all Wolf-Tones meetings and provide to website coordinator and board members
  • Follow up on action items status after each meeting

Treasurer (Board Position)

2021/2022 volunteer: Nasser Mirzai

  • Maintain financial records for Wolf-Tones
  • Membership data management
  • Ensure tax and non-profit forms and reports are submitted
  • Manage Paypal and other payment systems for Wolf-Tones
  • Work with tax accountant for timely tax reporting
  • Work with President to create annual budget
  • Report financial status at monthly Wolf-Tones meetings
  • Provide cash boxes for Instrumental Music events
  • Provide financial records for annual audit

Member-at-Large (Board Position)

2021/2022 volunteer: Aram Boyd

  • Attend monthly Wolf-Tones meetings
  • Review monthly bank account reconciliations with Treasurer
  • Support Board initiatives and projects
  • Assist with all music events as needed

Communications Coordinator

2021/2022 volunteer: Jill Newton

  • Send information to specific groups within SRVHS Instrumental Music community such as monthly updates and messages from Instrumental Music Director, the Wolf-Tones Board, and special project/fundraiser coordinators.
  • Create sign-up geniuses for upcoming music activities and events
  • Work with Membership Data Manager to create email distribution lists

Website Manager

2021/2022 volunteer: Dave Ikeda

  • Manages Wolf-Tones.org website content
  • Works with President, Communications Coordinator, and event coordinators to ensure website reflects the latest instrumental music program information


2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Attend and photograph Instrumental Music events throughout the year
  • Coordinate with Website Manager to publish photographs on Wolf-Tones website and other school-related sites

Marching Uniform Coordinator

2021/2022 volunteer: Joyce Roe

  • Manages the parent team that fits the marching ensemble members for football and competition uniforms
  • Must be available during marching camp (the week before school) and at marching practices, games, events, and competitions through the first semester
  • Responsible for ordering marching uniforms/supplies and concert attire for concert band, orchestra, symphonic band, and jazz

Marching Uniform Team Members

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Measure and fit the marching band and color guard members for football and competition uniforms during marching camp (week before school starts) and then at the two weekly marching practices throughout the first semester
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail needed
  • Basic sewing skills are desirable but not required
  • Assist students with uniforms on football game days and other community events
  • Team members are provided a free pass to home football games and given priority on buses to marching events

Marching Food Coordinator 

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Coordinate meal for Instrumental Music Back to School BBQ
  • Liaison with pregame dinner hosts to determine food and volunteer needs
  • Provide Communications Coordinator information to create signup genius requests for food donations and volunteers
  • Coordinate Halloween Parade lunch
  • Coordinate meals for Lodi and Merced competitions
  • Coordinate Cal Band Day meals (every other year)

Marching Ensemble Coordinator 

2021/2022 volunteer: Dave Ikeda

  • Coordinate parent volunteers for football game events
  • Liaison with Marching Ensemble instructor

Online Fundraiser Coordinator 

2021/2022 volunteer:  OPEN

  • Work with Wolf-Tones Board to plan annual fundraiser
  • Liaison with local online fundraiser representative for contract and procedures
  • Monitor online process and provide status reports to Wolf-Tones Board
  • Document process for future fundraisers

Invitational Band and Orchestra Festival Coordinators (Spring 2022)

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Two volunteers needed to organize volunteers and food sales at this SRVHS-hosted event.
  • Work closely with Director to provide support during this 2-day event formerly known as CMEA Music Festival

Spirit Gear Coordinator

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Maintain inventory and storage of the “I’m With the Band” t-shirts, Instrumental Music Magnets and Stickers
  • Attend/Assist with music events as needed including Back to School BBQ
  • Distribute “I’m With the Band” t-shirts to new Wolf-Tone members
  • Work as liaison between Total Threads retail store and the Instrumental Music department to ensure logo wear availability
  • Job is busiest in the Summer and Fall months

Trailer Manager

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Coordinate maintenance needs of the Marching Wolves equipment trailer
  • Haul trailer to Marching Ensemble competitions (November) and other events, as needed
  • Coordinate trailer access/loading before events with Instrumental Music Director

Jazz Liaison

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Coordinate with Instrumental Music Director on jazz trips/event needs
  • Attend monthly Wolf-Tones meetings

Orchestra Liaison

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Coordinate with Instrumental Music Director on orchestra trips/event needs
  • Attend monthly Wolf-Tones meetings

Car Wash Coordinator (Fall 2021)

2021/2022 volunteer: N/A

  • Organize this Fall fundraiser/team-building event(s). 2021 pending SRVUSD guidance

See’s Candy Sales Coordinator(s) 

2021/2022 volunteer: Dave Ikeda

  • Contact See’s in early fall for annual holiday order forms and envelopes
  • Put together packets and distribute to all instrumental students
  • Tally orders and call in to See’s (or give final order sheet to Instrumental Music Director per their preference)
  • Sort and distribute orders to students

Banquet Coordinator

2021/2022 volunteer: OPEN

  • Work closely with banquet venue and caterer to finalize details
  • Arrange for desserts and centerpieces
  • Coordinate payments to vendors with Wolf-Tones Treasurer
  • Manage banquet ticket forms and volunteers
  • Work with Music Director and Wolf-Tones President to plan evening details
  • Provide Wolf-Tones Board periodic status updates
  • Reserve venue and caterer for following year’s banquet

Parent Volunteer Opportunities 

There are many opportunities to volunteer a little of your time to help out at our music program events.  Below are descriptions of these volunteer opportunities.  You will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer for these events through Sign-Up Genius which will be posted on the websites as we get closer to each event.

Helping Hands:

Looking for ways to get involved?  Become a part of our “Helping Hands Team”. Just let us know you are interested in helping and occasionally, throughout the year, there will be situations where we just need a couple extra people to help lighten the load. Contact the Wolf-Tones Communications Coordinator.


We need parents for ushers, taking tickets, and registration.

Music Festivals:

We need parents for ushers, taking tickets, registration and monitoring the food booths.

Car Washes:

Help setup, supervise students, wash cars and dry towels.

Home Football Games: 

Help the Marching Ensemble to the field, put out seat covers, guide them to and from the field for half-time show, get them water after they perform, guide them off bleachers after game, clean up bleachers, bring everything back to Instrumental Music Room.

Host a Dinner and Food for Home Football Games:

The Marching Ensemble eats together before each home football game.  We need help with dinners – you can either host a dinner at your home or provide some part of the dinner.  The family that hosts the dinner dictates what they need others to bring.

Marching Ensemble Competitions:

The Marching Ensemble travels to competitions and parent chaperones are needed to help students prepare for the competition (includes pinning up hair, checking uniforms), setting up lunch and helping with lunch, and cleaning up.


Student Volunteer Opportunities

Noteworthy (Community Service Outreach)

Student Volunteer groups sign up to help spread the joy of music within our Danville community and beyond!

  • Pep Bands
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Jazz Ensemble

For Example (but not limited to):

  • San Ramon Valley High School
    • Back-to-School Night
    • Building Bridges
    • Men’s & Women’s Athletics
      • Water Polo
      • Volleyball
      • Basketball
      • Softball
  • Local Community
    • Elementary School Concerts
      • Sycamore
      • Greenbrook
      • Montair
    • Danville
      • Spirit of Danville
      • Senior Centers
      • CPC
  • Charitable organizations
    • SRVEF Run-for-Education
    • Alzheimer’s Walk
    • Canine Companions for Independence